Illustration, Animation, Branding

The B2B Saas company, Sigstr, launched with a basic toolbox of marketing assets to establish themselves as a new brand. However, they soon outgrew the assets and needed a way to explain their product to the growing number of potential clients.

After isolating Sigstr’s main capabilities. We set out to create a video highlighting what the software did and how it benefits their customers.

Expanding on the iconic green and word mark, we created a series of spot illustrations and patterns to help Sigstr’s marketing team promote itself as it grew and inevitably changed.

Concept, Illustration & Animation:
Lucas Nelson

Creative Direction:
Zach McFarlen

Sound Design:
Olive Musique

Sigstr E-Book

Additionally, I designed marketing materials with the new illustrations and patterns to add further value to their communications and establish the assets beyond the video.

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